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How Do I Put Otteroo On?Updated a year ago

To prepare for fun and splashy adventures: 

Test whether you have fully inflated Otteroo. Buckle it up, then gently press your hand against the area where the two ends meet from the inside. The ends will not push out when it is fully inflated. If it's under-inflated, the ends will push out. 

Fill the tub deep enough so the baby's body is mostly floating and the feet are barely touching the bottom. This helps prevent them from kicking too hard off the floor and causing excessive splashing. 

Buckle up! Make sure the baby’s chin is positioned on the chin rest. The space between the baby's neck and the inner rim of the floatie should feel snug. You should be able to easily fit, without using force, one finger between the floatie and their neck (it's easiest to test this if you go from the top down, near their ear). 

Note, for younger babies who haven’t developed a strong neck yet, it is easier to put on Otteroo with two sets of hands – one to hold the baby, and the other to put the floatie on. However, it is still possible to put it on by yourself with the help of a pillow or a seat like the Bumbo, for example.

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